Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Quickie post: Awesome feta, pea and mint cous cous salad

It takes longer to say ‘feta, pea and mint cous cous salad’ than it takes to assemble it. Almost. This is more a serving suggestion than a recipe, so I’m not going to give exact quantities. It’s well worth making for one, but, equally, is easy to scale up to feed a crowd. It tastes brilliant with lamb – chops, kebabs, leftover roast, you name it.

You’ll need:
Cous cous
Frozen petits pois
A couple of spring onions
A jar of mint sauce (I KNOW! Heresy! Though clearly I should be wondering through my herb garden at dawn plucking dew-kissed fronds of fresh mint to weave into my own delicately-concocted condiment… a jar of mint sauce is a great cupboard standby. I use it for dips, dressings, and often stir a spoonful into hot, buttery peas just before serving)

Boil a kettle and use some of the water to hydrate the cous cous in a bowl (I usually immerse it with an extra 3mm or so water on top, then cover with a plate). At the same time, pour some of the boiling water over the petits pois. Give them both four or five minutes, while you finely slice the spring onions, then fluff up the cous cous with a fork, drain the peas and mix them together with the onion, some crumbled feta and a spoonful of the mint sauce. Told you it was easy.

Family friendliness rating: Food separatists will probably balk, but they can just have the cous cous and peas

Cleanup rating: A cinch. Tip: hydrate the cous cous in the bowl in which you plan to serve the dish.

Can I freeze it? Hardly worth it, but leftovers are good next day


  1. Liz, your blog is brilliant. I've just found you via the equally amazing Holly at Recipes from a Normal Mum and I want to move next door to you both. Alas, I am the only member of my household with a yen for couscous, but that won't stop me making this (or trying your sneaky mint sauce trick, even though I am one of those smug, annoying types with plenty of mint in the garden!)

  2. Welcome, KitchenMaid - I've had a sneaky look at your blog too and am in awe (beautiful photos and already a great idea for what to do with my breadcrumb glut!).

  3. Hi Liz I made this dish this evening it was lovely and so easy ! After some discussion with guests we reckon this would be FABULOUS served with kofte or braised lamb shanks mmmmmm

  4. Thanks, Rachel, for checking in with the blog! I'm really excited that you made the dish!

  5. aww I love couscous especially when it is with feta. I might have to try the mint, I've got some on my window sill.
    All the best, Natasha from the Rambles and Shambles blog